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ISM Members' Public & Products Liability Insurance

Hencilla have arranged liability insurance on behalf of members of the Independent Society of Musicians since 2003.

The policy provides Public & Products Liability Insurance up to the following limits:

  • Public Liability: £10,000,000 any one claim or series of claims from the same originating accident
  • Products Liability: £10,000,000 in the aggregate of all claims made against a member during the period of insurance (limited to £5,000,000 for claims made in the United States or Canada)

Cover is provided to the member for the following activities:

  1. Any activity connected to the members occupation as a musician (including composing, conducting, mentoring, performing, rehearsing, singing or teaching or as a music professional (including music administrator, music technician, music therapist or music consultant).
  2. Students undertaking a degree level (or equivalent) course in music for activities connected with their studies or any work as a music professional
  3. The organisation and staging of music performances and pupils concerts
  4. Any activity undertaken by an ISM local group

For further information about the Independent Society of Musicians, or to apply for membership, please visit their website:

Document Library

Documents applicable to members joining or renewing after 1st October 2023
Documents applicable to members joining or renewing between 1st August 2022 and 30th September 2023