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MU Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance is provided by the Musicians’ Union to a limit of indemnity of £10 million per individual member.

This benefit of Musicians’ Union membership protects members from the financial consequences of claims against them for bodily injury and/or damage to property of any person not your employee whilst performing either solo or as part of a group/band/orchestra and/or whilst teaching in a public or private place (including at home).

This cover applies only to individual MU members who are based in the UK, and arein benefit with subscriptions in accordance with the Rules of the Union.

No separate registration is needed. In order to comply with the Union’s Public Liability insurance cover, members should be aware that:

  • They have a duty of care to take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage or injury to third parties and/or third party property; and
  • They must comply with all statutory requirements and safety legislation imposed by any authority;

This is a summary of cover only. Please refer to the policy wording and schedule for full details of the policy cover, terms and conditions available at

About the policy

This policy provides MU members with Public and Products Liability Insurance. Cover is annually renewable from the 1st January.

Insured business activities

This policy is only operative whilst the Individual registered member of the Musicians' Union is performing, rehearsing, auditioning or composing either solo or as part of a group, band or orchestra and/or whilst teaching or mentoring in the field of music and/or whilst tuning musical instruments as required either at the member's own home or any other place and in transit thereto and therefrom including the setting up and dismantling of equipment and/or individual registered members of the Musicians' Union whilst setting up, operating and dismantling sound or lighting equipment at ground level only.

Territorial limits

MU members will be insured whilst in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and while temporarily engaged on business on visits outside This policy provides cover in respect of legal liability for damages including legal costs for:

  • Accidental personal injury to any person not your employee.
  • Accidental damage to third party Property.
  • Nuisance and trespass (excluding deliberate acts) happening during the period of insurance in connection with the Business.

The limit of indemnity will be £10,000,000 any one claim (any one period in respect of Products liability).

What is not covered:

  1. Injury to any Person Employed.
  2. Risks that require more specific insurance, i.e. Motor, Marine, Aircraft etc.
  3. Damage to Property in the custody or control of the Insured.
  4. Pollution or contamination unless sudden and accidental.
  5. Costs of repair, recall or replacement of defective products.
  6. Advice, design or specification for a fee.
  7. Fines and penalties.
  8. Aircraft and nuclear risks.
  9. Use of pyrotechnics, explosives or any special effect.
  10. Exposure to asbestos.
  11. The actions of an employee.
  12. The first £200 of a property damage claim.

How to make a claim

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, please contact Hencilla Canworth immediately.

Please note that late notification can lead to claims being repudiated.

Under no circumstances should you admit liability following a claim or an incident that could give rise to a claim.