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Backstage Insurance - Loss or Damage to Personal Items

Eligibility and Statement of Demands and Needs

This benefit meets the requirements of qualifying Equity Standard Members that wish to protect against lost, damage or theft of personal items whilst working or travelling as an Equity member.

All Equity Standard Members are insured for the Equity backstage cover with no registration required

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Questions and Answers

Q What type of incident is covered?

AThis policy covers loss or damage to personal items including those used in connection with a performance while undertaking your activities as an artist (see definition below) including travelling to and from your place of work.

Artist is defined as:

Any individual person or their personal service limited company where that person is the sole director and employee who:

  1. exercises professional skill in the provision of entertainment; or
  2. is a face or body painter including the use of glitter and temporary tattoos that can be removed the same day by soap and water; or
  3. exercises professional skill in carrying out their duty of stage manager, choreographer, theatre designer or theatre director in the provision of entertainment and corporate events; or
  4. is a teacher or voice coach engaged in the teaching of performing arts; or
  5. exercises professional skill in modelling; or
  6. exercises performance related skill in the provision of role playing, commentary, presentation and voice over to the commercial sector.

Q Is there an excess or deductible?

AYes, the policy excludes the first £10 of a claim and £100 in respect of valuables.

Q Are payments made on incidents occurring outside of the UK?

AYes. The policy covers incidents occurring worldwide provided that you are usually resident in the UK.

Q What are the benefits if I do have a loss insured by this policy?

AThe policy limit is £500 subject to a single article limit of £100. There is no single article limit for musical instruments. Valuables are limited to a maximum of £250.

Q What are the principal exclusions?

ALoss or damage to the following are excluded:

  • money;
  • contact lenses and spectacles;
  • mobile phones;
  • any portable electronic equipment unless used directly in connection with a professional performance;
  • electrical mechanical breakdown;
  • wear and tear, inherent defect, rot, fungus, mould, vermin or any gradually operating cause;
  • theft from an unattended vehicle unless the item is out of sight in a locked compartment and entry is gained by forcible means;
  • cleaning or maintenance;
  • consequential loss;
  • terrorism, civil commotion in Northern Ireland, war and nuclear risks;
  • any item which is more specifically insured elsewhere.

Q How do I make a claim?

APlease contact First Act soon as possible and in any event within three months on tel 020 8686 5050 or The late notification can lead to claims being repudiated.

A claim form (attached to this page) should be completed and emailed