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Standard Members' Personal Accident Insurance

Eligibility and Statement of Demands and Needs

This benefit meets the requirements of qualifying Standard Members of Equity that wish to protect against temporary total disablement, permanent total disablement or death arising from an insured accident whilst performing as an artist or where you are rehearsing, practising, auditioning or training in connection with a contract of employment and travelling to and from the location of the above.

Cover is automatic with no registration required.

Equity insures most of its Standard Members against accidental bodily injury while performing as an "Artist" (see definition below) or where you are rehearsing, practising, auditioning or training in connection with a contract of employment and travelling to and from the location of the above.

An artist is defined as follows:

Any individual person or their personal service limited company where that person is the sole director and employee who:

  • exercises professional skill in the provision of entertainment; or
  • is a face or body painter including the use of glitter and temporary tattoos that can be removed the same day by soap and water; or
  • exercises professional skill in carrying out their duty of stage manager, choreographer, theatre designer or theatre director in the provision of entertainment and corporate events; or
  • is a teacher or voice coach engaged in the teaching of performing arts; or
  • exercises professional skill in modeling; or
  • exercises performance related skill in the provision of role playing, commentary, presentation and voice over to the commercial sector.

All Standard Members of Equity are covered, with the exception of Student Members and Stunt Performers. Stunt Performers can access their own accident insurance scheme. Reduced benefits apply to those aged under 18 years of age who are in full-time education. Standard Members over 80 years receive full benefits apart from the lower sum of £5,000 following death or permanent total disablement. This is a summary only; please refer to the policy for full details.

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Questions and Answers

Q What type of incident is covered?

A This policy pays specified benefits following accidental bodily injury which occurs while you are performing, rehearsing, practising, auditioning, or training in connection with a contract of employment and travelling to and from the location of the above.

Q Is there an excess or deductible?

A The first 14 days are excluded under the temporary disability section of the policy.

Q Are payments made on incidents occurring outside of the UK?

AYes. The policy covers incidents occurring worldwide (other than any country where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel) provided that you are usually resident in the UK.

Q What is covered?

A The policy pays the following benefits in the event of an accident covered by the policy:

  • loss of life — £20,000;
  • loss of one or both eyes — £20,000;
  • loss of one or more limbs — £20,000;
  • permanent total disablement — £20,000;
  • facial disfigurement — up to £5,000(up to £10,000 if you are an Equity Model);
  • temporary total disablement — £150 per week payable for up to 52 weeks excluding the first 2 weeks;
  • medical expenses — up to £6,950;
  • coma benefit — £50 per day to a max 52 weeks;
  • hospital benefit — £50 per day to a max 52 weeks;
  • disability assistance — up to £20,000;
  • funeral benefit — £10,000;
  • dental benefit — £500;
  • optical benefit — £500;

If you are under 18 and in full-time education the amount for Loss of Life will be restricted to £2,000.

Standard Members who have joined Equity under the category of Model are insured for disfigurement cover to £10,000 on a 24-hour basis. Hand Models will be insured for hand disfigurement.

Q Are there any conditions?

A Yes. You must take reasonable care to prevent a loss. Claims must be reported as soon as possible and within three months of the incident date.

Q What is not covered?

AInjury whilst taking part in:

  • Stunt performing
  • any aerial activity (other than as an acrobat) such as hand-gliding, parachuting, paragliding, kite surfing, bungee jumping and the like;
  • involvement in the armed forces/services;
  • emotional or psychiatric conditions;
  • the use of un-prescribed drugs;
  • self-harm and suicide;
  • any criminal act;
  • HIV or Aids;
  • any physical or mental defect, infirmity or medical condition known to you at inception of this policy unless the condition has been without need of medical advice or treatment during the past 24 months;
  • pregnancy or child-birth;
  • illness or disease other than illness arising from accidental bodily injury;
  • any business or commercial activity other than as an artist;
  • visits to countries against the advice of the Foreign Office or Department of Health;
  • temporary total disablement when you are not in paid employment other than when auditioning, rehearsing, practising or training in connection with a contract of employment;
  • the first 14 days of temporary disability

The following are excluded unless undertaken while performing as an artist:

  • mountaineering, rock climbing or pot-holing;
  • riding or driving in any kind of race or endurance test;
  • combat sports or martial arts;
  • flying other than as a passenger on a commercial airline.

Q How do I make a claim?

APlease contact First Act as soon as possible on tel 020 8686 5050 or A pdf claim form (found on this page) should be completed and emailed to us at the email address show above. Please note that late notification can lead to claims being repudiated.

Q Is additional cover available?

AYes. Please visit